Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Stud 100 Review: Does It Really Work?

What is Stud 100?
Stud 100 is a spray which the manufacturer claims it is the first one in the world that delays ejaculation credit to its special formulations which are tailored to improve sexual relationships among couples. It is claimed to act in a fast way to temporarily reduce the sensitivity of the penis. This sexual enhancement product is manufactured in the UK and doesn’t require subscription or medical consultation. According to its maker, it conforms with the FDA regulations and has been approved by health authorities all over the world

Stud 100 Claims
The manufacturers claims that they are passionate about the quality and safety of their products and that Stud 100 is manufactured in a licensed UK factory which is in conformity to medical standards and possess an outstanding safety history. They caution customers against using unlicensed counterfeit products.

What Are The Ingredients?
  • Lidocane: this is a topical anesthetic which can be directly sprayed when need arises to reduce sensitivity of the penis to allow a man to delay ejaculation. However, it can reduce penis sensitivity and sexual pleasure not unless absorption technology is used in its formulation.
  • Un-ionized lidocane: this contains trans-dermal absorption effects meaning that only a small amount of the medication can get absorbed below the skin.
How Does Stud 100 Work?
According to the manufacturer, they use un-iodized lidocane 9.6% (w/w) which happens to a widely used anesthetic that in non-toxic and odorless and ozone friendly. This ingredient has been in use for more than 30 years and has been scientifically shown to delay ejaculation. It makes the penis less sensitive to stimulation by numbing the nerve endings in the penile area. It should be applied when a man realizes he is about to reach an orgasm to temporarily delay ejaculation.

Positive things About Stud 100
  • The ingredient used has clinically been shown to be effective in delaying ejaculation
  • The effects of Stud 100 are only temporary
  • It is only sprayed when the need arise to delay ejaculation
  • It can be used along with a condom
  • It is environmental friendly
  • It enhances sexual experience by causing longer-lasting sex
  • It is safe for women
  • It can be used for oral sex
  • It comes with 50% off trial size
Negative things About Stud 100
  • It has not been approved by the FDA although the manufacturer claims it meets all the recommendation
  • It comes with too many warning signs
  • It can take away the pleasure effect during sex
  • It can cause permanent insensitivity to the penis
  • It can’t be used when your partner is pregnant
Stud 100 Side effects
When sprayed as directed by the manufacturer, Stud 100 is safe and won’t cause any adverse side effects other than delaying ejaculation. However some users claim that it makes the penis numb. Others say t causes a burning sensation and allergic reaction with the skin. It is not thus ideal for people with sensitive skin types. Additionally, you are not supposed to spray for less than 5 minutes prior to having sex as a safety for your partner.

Price of Stud 100
A 12g bottle of Stud 100 sells at £3.95. This is unclear if it caters for the shipping cost. They price may vary depending your point of purchase.

Dosage Instructions
You are supposed to apply 3 or more sprays to the shaft of your penis at least 5 minutes before sexual penetration. Do not exceed 10 sprays. You are then supposed to wash off the product immediately after having sex. According to the manufacturer, quantity and time may differ depending on an individual’s requirements but recommends the minimum quantity possible. Each 12g bottle of Stud 100 contains around 120 sprays.

What consumers saying about Stud 100?
“This works great for it has changed me from a one-minute-man. My partner enjoys every time we spend time together in bed. However, she sometimes complains of vaginal itchiness but clears away after taking a shower.”
Gilbert, Australia

“I wasn’t keen to read the instructions after I bought this spray for my husband. I gave him a BJ after spraying it and I must confess he took almost an hour to cum. What a great night we had after that?”
Jenifer, UK

Final Verdict
Something seems unclear about where this spray is made and where it is intended for use. It is a UK based product targeting the U.S. market. The big question is why is it not manufactured in the U.S. if it meets all FDA requirements? Plus, it comes with very many precautions. This clearly indicates it is a product not worth trying. User reviews are also different. Perhaps, it would be advisable to look deeper to find out your exact cause of premature ejaculation which this spray is intended to prevent. Additional fact in doubting the safety of this product is its precaution measures before and after sex. It also can’t be used when your partner is pregnant. Could it be actually safe?

Where To Find It
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