Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shocking Penis Growth Pill Information: Heart Dangers

Although the connection between blood-flow and heart problems is understood by many, the relationship between some heart medications and possible energy boosters is not. Many energy boosters, like those found in a typical “penis growth pill” provide a high degree of risk when combined with other medications or conditions. Naturally, those men who experience chronic impotence should seek medical help, and the new array of drugs which effectively treat impotence.

Because aphrodisiacs and energy enhancers within a penis growth pill often aggravate heart conditions, those taking heart medication or suffering from heart disease should think twice before taking a supplement labeled as a penis growth pill. In fact, there is also evidence to suggest that these elements are only included in a Penis Growth pill because of their ability to induce an erection, and therefore support claims that a penis growth pill will increase the length of the penis by up to four inches. Of course, no chemical within the supplement actually causes the tissue in the penis to increase. Rather, these herbs simply cause an erection which changes the dimensions of the penis. 

The typical Penis Growth Pill must make unprovable claims in order to compete in the marketplace. The appearance of legitimacy counts for little when compared to the flashy labels and bizarre testimonials found on the package of a penis growth pill. In fact, it has been argued that the penis growth pill itself is more of a gag or entertainment item than an actually effective herbal supplement.

These are concerns for those suffering from heart disease because the arousal causing agents do significantly alter the flow of blood. Many herbal agents are included because they thin the blood and improve its flow. Because those taking heart medication are already including blood-thinner, in most cases, it is dangerous to include a penis growth pill in the regimen. Some studies have shown that this particular combination also causes liver damage in adults in adults with unusually thin blood. 

Furthermore, adults with blood conditions are more likely to show the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, so they are more likely to purchase a product which claims to relieve these symptoms. There are more options available than those offered by shady products on the internet. A medical professional is the only one qualified to offer advice about supplements. Although most doctors will not recommend non-prescription herbal remedies, because they are unproven, a doctor will at least be able to prevent or treat an injury caused by a dangerous combination of drugs and a penis growth pill.

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