Monday, May 6, 2013

Penis Disease Priapism : One Of The Resources For Lovemaking Dysfunctions

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Have you ever hear of a penis disease called Priapism. If not you better read this post cause this penis disease can happen to you.


Priapism is a condition where a chronic, most of the periods agonizing construction long lasting about more than 4 time happens. It happens not because of sexual intercourse and will not be handled by climax. Rather, it happens because of the blood veins that moves into the penis is not properly cleared because of some issues.

The Common Causes
  • Drug addiction or alcohol abuse
  • Impact of certain drugs especially some antidepressant medications and hypertension tablets.
  • Problems in backbone cord
  • Genitals' injury
  • Anesthesia
  • Therapy that involved pennis hypodermic injection usually done to cure lovemaking dysfunction
  • Diseasees related to blood veins such as the leukemia disease and sickle mobile anemia.


For the best therapy, seek advice from your closest doctor. The therapy is a healthcare urgent as a chronic construction more than 4 time can cause scratch to the penis and might lead to long long lasting side-effect of male impotence. The treatment’s purpose is to stop extended construction and protect normal penis function. Different drugs will be used based on different conditions. Sometimes, drugs that reduce veins will be use to gradually reduce the blood veins circulation to the penis if necessary. Most of the periods, the treatments do not need surgery treatment but in unusual cases, surgery treatment may be necessary to eliminate long long lasting damage to the penis. If Priapism is brought on by sickle mobile disease, blood veins transfusion might be needed.

What you can do?

Above all, avoidance is better than cure. Dealing with the actual health conditions or material misuse is crucial as it is the main of the issues that cause Priapism. Priapism may occur again and again if these actual issues is not being handled.

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